Calvin and the Great Castle Caper


Join Susan the Storyteller, Robbie the Minstrel and Calvin the Castle Keeper on a whimsical adventure. Calvin is left to take care of the castle by himself. But Sir Nasty the Friendless is up to no good. Can Sir Nasty's evil scheme be stopped? And what of the young dragon, Iona? Is she friend or foe? Find out the answers, and meet a colorful cast of characters on the journey. This first story in the Calvin the Castle Keeper series keeps the young and young at heart engaged and participating.

The Return of Sir Nasty


​Just when Susan the Storyteller, Robbie the Minstrel and Calvin the Castle Keeper thought they were safe from Sir Nasty the Friendless, they find out that he's escaped from the dragon's prison! Not only do they have keep on the lookout for Sir Nasty, but Calvin is starting to act strangely. This second installment of the Calvin the Castle Keeper series brings back favorite characters and introduces new ones audiences will love, including King Derrick and Fairy Queen Sioban. Audiences will be laughing and participating in this fun-loving sequel.

There and Here Again: A Hobbs' Tale


​He's done it again! Sir Nasty the Friendless has escaped from the fairies' prison and is headed back on a pirate ship to try to take over the kingdom - again! At the same time a sailor arrives at the castle with a treasure map that charts a course through the Frightening Forest and a place that is home to monsters. This third installment of the Calvin the Castle Keeper series introduces First Mate Hobbs, a crew member of the Peach Pearl. This lighthearted tale will have audiences guessing what will happen next.

Bible Stories

Rob and Susan have been performing for kid's Sunday School classes for over two decades. They use a wide variety of characters, ranging from animals and monsters to people puppets, to tell Bible stories and teach Biblical principles. If you would like them in your Church's Sunday School or kid's activity please contact them and let them know what type of lesson you would like to have them develop for you.

Christmas Show


Once Upon a Whim Puppets mixes music, puppets and storytelling in a heartwarming Christmas Shows. This all-ages show has audiences singing along to tradtional Christmas songs, enchanted by a true family Christmas story passed down from Susan's Grandmother, and tells the story of Christ's birth. They are joined by their cast of characters who help tell the Christmas Story and make apperences during the songs and throughout the show. This is a wonderful addition to any Christmas event.

Nativity Story


Hear the nativity story in a fun new way that holds true to the Biblical narrative and will have audiences of all ages engaged. Journey to Bethlehem and meet Joseph's donkey Dinah, Caleb the Inn Keeper, Fuzz the Sheep and Uzz the Shepard. Hear them tell the story of  the night when Christ was born.

Have Once Upon a Whim Perform at Your Event

If you are interested in having us perform one of the shows listed above please write us using the email on the Contact page. We do write original scripts. If you would like us to perform a puppet show at your event but want a specific theme you don't see listed please write us and let us know what you are interested. We would be happy to disscuss it further with you.