An (almost) reformed pirate's parrot
Calvin the Castle Keeper
Makes certain that everything in the castle is in good order
Fairy Queen Sioban
Queen of the Fairy Fort near the Frightening Forest
King Derrick
A most benevolent king of the realm
Iona the Dragon
A kind hearted young dragon who loves treasure
Sir Nasty the Friendless
King Derrick's nasty brother who is always trying to take over the kingdom
First Mate Hobbs
Sailor on the Peach Pearl
Nasty Calvin
Who is this alter ego of Calvin?
Big Red Bird
Created by the use of fairy dust magic
A crazy Monster. Buz's cousin.
Susan the Storyteller
The kingdom's storyteller
A crazier Monster. Cuz's cousin.
Robbie the Court Musician
Performs with the court musicians

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